Larry BoydI wake up to a picturesque, hot, summer day, and I start my usual routine. Gym, Trim, Laundry (GTL), as our favorite “Jersey Shore” stars would put it. As I engage in a scissor leg exercise with the “Body Ball,” an Instant Cramp shoots up the right side of my stomach.. “No Pain, No Gain,” I say aloud to comfort myself. That was the first sign to a not-so-superstitious kind of guy.

Being ambitious, driven, and optimistic isn’t always accompanied with a bubbly persona. Yet, that’s me, one of the nicest guys left in the world. Though I was raised on Principles of Islam, I simply believe in “One Higher Power”.

I read in the Christian Bible how GOD spoke to men, Once Upon a Time.. I also read why he doesn’t speak directly to man anymore.. Hence, why people look for divine signs in life.

Nearly a month goes by since my workout cramp, when I’m forced to make an non-routine doctor appointment.  The problem was the cramp felt like I pulled a muscle, which stretched down to my groin area.  The doctor diagnosed the symptoms as a simple hernia strain, and scheduled me for a small removal procedure.  Success!  A Few weeks later I’m called in for a post recovery checkup, when I’m informed my removed tissue was odd, and had been sent to the lab for further analysis.  Not long after I received word my hernia removal turned out to be a cancerous tumor, and I should see a Specialist.

Here I am, 23, Dreams, Ambitions, and Life ahead of me, when I’m thrown the biggest snapper (slider) ball EVER!  Now, here I am with a multiple choice of “GOD Why?” questions.  Things have been made clear to me, to this point in my life, by way of signs.  This here would be my biggest test of faith yet.  I must say though, I came to terms with returning to the creator, but if my mission was important enough, I’d get another take at life.

Not only did my experience take every ounce of my will power, it proved to me that no challenge will ever come close to the one I completed.  I was down a lot, don’t get me wrong, but continuing some of my weekly activities kept me in tune with “Normal” life.  What I accomplished since my diagnosis surpassed everything prior to.  The urgency lit a fire beneath me that changed me forever.  My sign was answered when my doctor said I had a chance.

Since then I’ve embarked on experiencing all the greatness this world has to offer.  I see through a light only a detail-oriented artist could render.  My optimism was tested to it’s break.  Yet, here I stand, with a testimonial today.  Now I may not be overly superstitious, but I received the answer to my calling, and have been building on it since.  In other words, I’m here to fulfill a larger purpose, or else I would’ve been swept away, and a distant memory by now.

Everyday I’m humbled by my experience.  Feeling as though I’ve been directly spoken to, I now have to bee an example.  Spread my story and message, and donate my free time to the cause and effect people.  “The Optimist” has returned with a new burning fire driven positive aura.

If your going through life, and searching for a sign… I suggest you take waking up day-to-day as a fighting opportunity to chase dreams and challenge your goals.  The life altering experience isn’t needed for everyone, but having someone close to you can affect how you deal with life.  Nine times out of Ten, we all saw someone fairly close to us go through something.  Be there hope, project your own life, be vibrant, live vividly.

–Larry Boyd