Danielle SteeleI feel like I tell people what I’m going through and there’s 2 reactions: pity or an “why do you complain so much” attitude. I mean I don’t know if I’m alone in the whole “I want to be treated like normal.” I want people to be honest or harsh if they want/need to, not hold back because it’s the cancer girl and we can’t be mean to her. They also expect cancer patients to be the sweetest people on earth. I get it, but cancer doesn’t define us as human beings. We’re human, hello, we are allowed to be sad, mad, and anything in between. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cold person, I just hate being pitied. Honestly, I try to explain this to people but it’s pointless most of the time. I mean is there anyone that’s listening? I’m strong and brave, yes, but I’m also human and I have my downfalls, people who I don’t care for, and things I have opinions on whether its nice or not. IM HUMAN.

—¬†Danielle Steele